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6agnost - 29B
Stock is Very Low.
Agnosticism - Contemporary Responses to Spencer and Huxley (Key Issues Series, 4)
Book by Pyle, Andrew - St Augustine's Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Until the nineteenth century, thinkers who entertained doubts about the existence of God were branded “atheists” and “infidels,” and were subject to persecutions. But in the late nineteenth-century Br... read more

Our Price:   $39.60


6ATOM - 24E
Stock is Very Low.
Atomism and Its Critics: From Democritus to Newton
Book (Softsewn) by Pyle, Andrew - St Augustine's Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This is a substantial and in-depth examination of the history of the atomic theory of matter between the time of Democritus and that of Newton. The work provides a critical account of the arguments us... read more

Our Price:   $66.00


BTB - 3C
Stock is Very Low.
Basil the Branch
by McDonough, Andrew - Lost Sheep

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Basil the branch desperately wants to produce a bunch of grapes, and tries with all his might... but if he wants to bear fruit, he must learn an important lesson from the vine.... read more

Our Price:   $4.95


CAP23 - 3C
Stock is Very Low.
Cecil and Psalm 23
by McDonough, Andrew - Lost Sheep

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Children's picture book presenting Psalm 23.... read more

Our Price:   $8.00


MMAT - 10F
Stock is Very Low.
MaryMacKillop,A Tribute
by Wilson, Andrew (ed.) - Honeyset Press
Our Price:   $25.00


mid - 16B
Stock is High.
Maybe 'I Do'
by Andrews, Kevin - Connor Court

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Thousands of social science results indicate that a healthy, stable
and happy marriage is an optimal relationship for the psychological,
emotional and physical well being of adults and childre...
read more

Our Price:   $22.00


6oms - 29E
Stock is Very Low.
On Moral Sentiments
by Pyle, Andrew - St Augustine's Press
Our Price:   $36.30


6otwon - 29F
Stock is Very Low.
On the Wealth of Nations
by Pyle, Andrew - St Augustine's Press
Our Price:   $37.95


PSoTitC - 7E
Stock is Low.
Paraclete: Spirit of Truth
by Apostoli, Andrew - Servant Books
Our Price:   $27.01


6PaArts - 30D
Stock is Very Low.
Philosophy and the Arts: Seeing and Believing (Bristol Introductions Series , No 4)
Book (Paper Back) by Harrison, Andrew - St Augustine's Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: How can pictorial and narrative arts be usefully contrasted and compared? What in principal can be, or cannot be, communicated in such different media? Why does it seem that, at its best, artistic com... read more

Our Price:   $31.35


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Neo-Scholastic Essays

by Feser, Edward
St Augustine's Press

Back to the Drawing Board: The Future of the Pro-Life Movement

by Wagner
St Augustine's Press

Husserl and the Search for Certitude

by Kolakowski, Leszek
St Augustine's Press

Polity and Economy: With Further Thoughts on the Principles of Adam Smith

by Cropsey, Joseph
St Augustine's Press

Objective Idealism, Ethics, and Politics

by Hosle, Vittorio
St Augustine's Press

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