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Pure Attraction: a Guide to Human Sexuality
Murphy, Fr Peter

Pure Attraction: a Guide to Human Sexuality
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Book Description

Sexuality is not what we do but who we are. My generation has neglected to
pass on this timeless truth. There are truths that are certain, guaranteed
and timeless; that is, they have no expiry date. Such truths would normally
have been passed on from one generation to the other, from parents to
children. Somewhat like a baton is passed on in a relay. Tragically these
truths have been lost amid a sea of humanism and materialism. One truth that
gives peace to the mind, health to the body and joy to the heart, in need of
being rediscovered, is the power of purity. It connects and provides
personal harmony and fulfillment to the body, heart and mind. Far too many
people are disconnected, fragmented, dysfunctional within themselves, not to
mention their families. This short book is an attempt to exemplify the
beauty and meaning of purity. Like a hidden treasure awaiting rediscovery,
purity as a spiritual power, brings happiness to the body and soul according
to our vocation as willed by God. Young people will find this book to be of
great value!

"Pure Attraction
by Fr. Murphy is a most fascinating and useful book on human sexuality. It is concise, and yet its content is comprehensive and covers the Church's teaching in a clear and uplifting way. Young people will find it very readable and very practical in this delicate domain. I recommend it to youth to answer all their questions, and to those discerning their vocation."
Rev. Dr. Peter Joseph, Chancellor of the Maronite Diocese, Sydney.

"Why do so many young people see marriage and sexuality as something to "taste-test"? Because they do not see it as a foretaste! A foretaste of the ecstasy and communion of love that exists between God and humanity in Heaven; a love which is freely and totally given, faithful and fruitful. We can only understand this if our relationship with God and neighbour consists of a pure attraction. In an age which sees sex not as an icon but an idol Fr Murphy offers much to help the reader see what purity consists of in a holistic way and how it can be attained. Since his book contains good analogies, testimonies and language that is accessible to youth it is easy to read."
Rev Fr Michael de Stoop, Chaplain to Catholic Youth Services, Sydney.

"Fr Peter Murphy's book successfully challenges youth to seek out what is authentic in human relationships. His common sense approach highlights the many pitfalls evident in the prevailing culture and reveals a way ahead. By drawing on the profound moral wisdom of the Church, he has produced a rich work that many young people will find an engaging read. In addition, he has highlighted those aspects that all fathers and mothers should be looking to take up in discussions with their children about the impact of character on vocational choice. It is a book worth giving to any young person to support them on their journey in life".
Chris Meney, Director, Life, Marriage and Family Centre, Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney

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