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6agnost - 29B
Stock is Very Low.
Agnosticism - Contemporary Responses to Spencer and Huxley (Key Issues Series, 4)
Book by Pyle, Andrew - St Augustine's Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Until the nineteenth century, thinkers who entertained doubts about the existence of God were branded “atheists” and “infidels,” and were subject to persecutions. But in the late nineteenth-century Br... read more

Our Price:   $39.60


ARRR - 7b
Stock is Very Low.
Ashley Reader Redeeming Reason
by Ashley, Benedict OP - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: As one of the leading Catholic thinkers of our day, Benedict Ashley collects some of his most important essays tackling such issues as human personhood, the nature of metaphysics, man's ultimate end, ... read more

Our Price:   $55.00


Stock is Very Low.
Akita:The Tears & Message of Mary
by Haffert, John Mathias - Divine Mercy Publications
Our Price:   $21.00


Stock is Very Low.
All For Jesus (Tan)
by Faber, Fr FW - Tan
Our Price:   $30.00


AOS - 3E
Stock is Good.
An Alphabet of Saints
Book (Hard Back) by Benson, Msgr R H - Neumannn

SHORT DESCRIPTION: A mate to A Child's Rule of Life and Old Testament Rhymes, this book is considered by many to be even more prized and cherished by children and parents than its two mates. This beautiful book is a rep... read more

Our Price:   $19.80


b/AFMFD - 3C
Stock is Very Low.
Alvin Fernald Mayor for A Day
by Hicks, Clifford B - Bethlehem

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Mayor Alvin Fernald. Wow! Alvin's dreams of political grandeur may become a reality—in 5th grade! A class project turns into a major—or we should say, “mayor,” event when Riverton's Mayor Massey propo... read more

Our Price:   $21.00


AI - 5D
Stock is High.
Always Inspired
by Butler, AbbotBasil Christopher - Sophia Institute Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Scripture is a gift from God . . . but only through the Catholic Church can you experience the fullness of the Christian Faith.
In arguments both lucid and thorough,
Benedictine Abbott Basil Ch...
read more

Our Price:   $22.00


AGftCH - 16F
Stock is Very Low.
Amazing Grace For The Catholic Heart
by Cavins, Armstrong & Pinto - Ascension Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Amazing Grace for the Catholic Heart will help you celebrate your Catholic faith like no other book you have ever read. It will take your heart and soul on a joyous spiritual retreat from the challeng... read more

Our Price:   $30.00


AGFFa - 16F
Stock is Good.
Amazing Grace For Families
Book by Cavins, Armstrong & Pinto - Ascension Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The word “family” brings to mind thoughts of joy, sacrifice, affection, hardship, and humor. Yet it is love that defines what it means to be a family, and it is this same love that gives a family thei... read more

Our Price:   $23.00


AGFF - 16F
Stock is Low.
Amazing Grace for Fathers
Book by Cavins, Armstrong & Pinto - Ascension Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Amazing Grace for Fathers celebrates the power of fatherhood—and that power is love. The love of our fathers on earth reflects the infinite love of God, our heavenly Father, from which all fatherly gu... read more

Our Price:   $30.00


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Strong Mothers Strong Sons

by Meeker, Meg

Religious Customs in the Family

by Weiser, Francis X

Effective Parenting

by Stenson, James

Discovering God Together: The Catholic Guide To Raising Faithful Kids

by Popcak, Greg and Lisa
Sophia Institute Press

The Temperament God Gave Your Kids

by Bennett, Art & Lorraine
Our Sunday Visitor

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