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Saints Of The Bible: Exploring Scripture With Holy Men And Women
by Doyle-Nelson, Theresa - Our Sunday Visitor

SHORT DESCRIPTION: For centuries, Christians have incorporated Scripture into their daily prayer. They also petition the vast community of saints for help and intercession as prayer companions. Now you can combine both ... read more

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SJG - 6E
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St. John's Gospel: A Bible Study Guide and Commentary for Individuals and Groups
Book (Paper Back) by Ray, Stephen K - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: As Catholics in ever-growing numbers are taking part in Bible studies, many questions arise. How do I study the Bible? Where do I begin? Is it OK to interpret the Bible for ourselves? What Bible shoul... read more

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sjccb - 2d
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Saint Joseph Catholic Children's Bible
by Lovasik, Lawrence G - CBPC
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St Paul Jubilee Year Bible Study For Catholic
by Pacwa, Fr Mitch - Our Sunday Visitor

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Immerse yourself in the person of the Apostle Paul--heroic in his martyr's death--but so recognizably human in his conversion story and subsequent letters to the faithful. Gain fresh insights into you... read more

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Tell Me About The Catholic Faith: From The Bible To The Sacraments
(Hardback) by Dubost, Michael and others - Ignatius-Magnificat

SHORT DESCRIPTION: How do you answer your children's many questions about God, the Christian faith, and the Catholic Church? What if these topics could come to life in inspiring, easy-to-tell stories?
To tell the sto...
read more

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WITBible - 6E
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What is The Bible
by Daniel-Rops, Henri - Sophia Institute Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: What the Bile really is: Some people look at the bible and see a collection of stories that teach us how to live good and happy lives. Others regard it more as a historical record of the Jewish and Ch... read more

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YCutb - 6F
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You Can Understand the Bible
by Kreeft, Peter - Ignatius
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Gospel Cameos 4 - Miracles 1

by Falconer, Fr. V.I., SJ
John XXIII Co-op

Gospel Cameos 2 - Disciples

by Falconer, Fr. V.I., SJ
John XXIII Co-op

Holy Bible Douay-Rheims version, translated from the Vulgate. Hardback Leather Black

by God
Baronius Press

Gospel Cameos 1 - Apostles

by Falconer, Fr. V.I., SJ
John XXIII Co-op

New Catholic Bible: Compact Edition

by God

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