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GOC - 8B
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Gift of Confession
Book (Paperback) by de Stoop Fr Michael - Connor Court

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Our consumer society has conditioned us to ask such things as, "What do I get out of it? What's in it for me?" Rather than fight against this mentality, why not use it in our efforts to help people ha... read more

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Stock is Good.
Gift of Confession - Abridged
by de Stoop Fr Michael - Connor Court

SHORT DESCRIPTION: FOREWORD BY CARDINAL GEORGE PELL: Our consumer society has conditioned us to ask ourselves such things as, 'What do I get out of it? What is in it for me?'
Rather than fight against this mentality...
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Our Price:   $10.00


Stock is Good.
God and Caesar
by Pell, Cardinal George - Connor Court

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Many of the great questions of our day once again revolve around religion. The secular era of the past two centuries is ending in incomprehension and denial, overwhelmed by the cultural uncertainty an... read more

Our Price:   $12.00


GPwc - 8D
Stock is Very Low.
Golden Priest, Wooden Chalice
by Norris, Fr Tim - Connor Court

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Golden Priest, Wooden Chalice is about the grass roots of the Catholic Church in Australia and, yesterday and tomorrow. Celebrating 50 years of ordination, Father Tim Norris, Parish Pr... read more

Our Price:   $23.00


HOJM - 20E
Stock is Low.
Heart of James McAuley
by Coleman, Peter - Connor Court

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The Heart of James McAuley examines the work of the famous poet, editor, critic, and political thinker. It places the poetry in its biographical context from his anarchistic and avant-garde youth to t... read more

Our Price:   $29.95


HNIM - 13D
Stock is Low.
His Name is Mercy
Book by Barker, Fr. Ken - Connor Court

SHORT DESCRIPTION: In an age of ever increasing litigation we have become highly tuned to the need for justice. But is there room for mercy? In this book Fr Ken Barker argues passionately that without mercy justice wi... read more

Our Price:   $23.00


IBBL - 20E
Stock is Low.
I've been bloody lucky
by Dargan,Felicity - Connor Court
Our Price:   $25.00


LTL - 14B
Stock is Very Low.
Learning to Love at the School of John Paul II and Benedict XVI
by Melina, Livio - Connor Court

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Translated by Joel WallacePaperbackPublication Date: Mid JulyISBN: 978-1-921421-82-2Blessed John Paul II wrote in his first encyclical, "Nothing is as important to know as love..." In the truth writte... read more

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mid - 16B
Stock is High.
Maybe 'I Do'
by Andrews, Kevin - Connor Court

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Thousands of social science results indicate that a healthy, stable
and happy marriage is an optimal relationship for the psychological,
emotional and physical well being of adults and childre...
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Our Price:   $22.00


pa/agth - 17B
Stock is Very Low.
Pure Attraction: a Guide to Human Sexuality
Book by Murphy, Fr Peter - Connor Court

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Sexuality is not what we do but who we are. My generation has neglected to pass on this timeless truth. There are truths that are certain, guaranteed and timeless; that is, they have no expiry date. S... read more

Our Price:   $20.00


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