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V/AK - 24B
Stock is Very Low.
Animal Kingdom: The Wonders of God's Creation
VHS Video (Card Cover) by No Author - Moody Institute of Science

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Take an incredible journey through the animal kingdom. Delight in the amazing signature of God found in every pond, field and wilderness.... read more

Our Price:   $10.00


Stock is Good.
Arise from Darkness -Video cassette pal
Video - pal by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Double pal Video of Fr. Benedict Groeschel speaking about the meaning of life, the faith, and coping with hardship and suffering - drastically reducedIf you still have a video player - Great value!... read more

Our Price:   $10.00


V/BT - 17F
Stock is Good.
The Baby Terminators - Video
VHS Video - Creation Research Centre

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Should rape babies be aborted?Politians and public have been conned into accepting abortion - hear it from those who conned them.Leading doctors tell why they have changed their minds on abortion. Lea... read more

Our Price:   $5.00


Stock is Very Low.
Veggie Tales: The Ballad of Little Joe
VHS Video by No Author - Word Australia

SHORT DESCRIPTION: You've heard the story of Joseph many times, but only VeggieTales? can tell it in the Wild Wild West. The Ballad of Little Joe begins at the Lazy Eye Ranch, the Veggie equivalent of the Ponderosa. Lea... read more

Our Price:   $5.00


V/BPP - 24c
Stock is Good.
The Beatification of Padre Pio
VHS Video by No Author - JPN

SHORT DESCRIPTION: On the beatification of Padre Pio. Though now a Saint, this production gives some excellent examples of the stories that lead to his Beatification, and ultimately, to be declared a Saint. A must for a... read more

Our Price:   $10.00


V/B - 3B
Stock is Low.
Video - The Beginning - 1 of 5 Illustrated
VHS Video - Oxford Vision

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The Oxford Vision Children's Video Bible is unique. It has been specially produced to bring alove favorite Bible stories in a refreshing and absorbing way. Each story is based upon a book from The Lio... read more

Our Price:   $5.00


V/BOSM - 24B
Stock is Good.
The Bells Of Saint Mary's Video Cassette
VHS Video (Card Box) by Republic Pictures - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman star in this warm comedy that won the hearts of millions and an Academy Award. Ringing with heartfelt joy and wonderful songs, it shows how the new parish priest, Father... read more

Our Price:   $5.00


V/BHA - 3G
Stock is High.
Ben Hur - A Race to Glory Video Cassette
VHS Video - CCC of America

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Young Ben-Hur and Messala were the best of friends. They love to race chariots. One day, Messala had to leave Jerusalem and his Jewish friend, to study in Rome and become a Roman officer. When Massala... read more

Our Price:   $5.00


DVD/BOL-b&w - 21C
Stock is Very Low.
DVD - Bernadette of Lourdes - b&w
DVD Video
Our Price:   $16.99


V/Damien/NTSC - 1B
Stock is Low.
Damien (Aldyth Morris')
VHS Video (Paper Casing) by No Author - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The saintly Fr. Damien went to the Hawaiian Islands in the late 1800's to work with the lepers confined on the island of Molokai. He died himself a leper after serving for sixteen years. Terence Knapp... read more

Our Price:   $5.00


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