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Stock is Very Low.
365 Fun Facts
by McCarver-Snyder, Bernadette - Liguori
Our Price:   $16.00


CBOSa - 1D
Stock is Very Low.
A Child's Book Of Saints
- St Paul Publications

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Beautifully illustrated, here are the stories of 25 saints whose lives
have been an inspiration through the ages. Ideal for 7-10 year olds....
read more

Our Price:   $15.00


Stock is Low.
Abraham and His Sons (Reader's Digest - Bible Wisdom for Today)
Book (Hard Back) by Harpur, James - Reader's Digest

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Abraham and His Sons brings to life the experiences of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and their families. At the same time, this volume firmly places their lives within their historical context and in... read more

Our Price:   $7.50


AOL1 - 1C
Stock is Low.
Adventures of Loupio Volume 1
by Kieffer, Jean-Francois - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: In the days of knights and castles lived an adventurous young troubadour named Loupio. Orphaned and on his own in 13th century Italy, plucky Loupio meets Brother Francis of Assisi and his friend Broth... read more

Our Price:   $12.50


AOL2 - 1C
Stock is Good.
Adventures of Loupio 2
by Kieffer, Jean-Francois - Ignatius
Our Price:   $17.50


aosp - 3c
Stock is Very Low.
Adventures of Saint Paul
by Selucky, Oldrich - Pauline Books and Media
Our Price:   $20.00


AOS - 3E
Stock is Good.
An Alphabet of Saints
Book (Hard Back) by Benson, Msgr R H - Neumannn

SHORT DESCRIPTION: A mate to A Child's Rule of Life and Old Testament Rhymes, this book is considered by many to be even more prized and cherished by children and parents than its two mates. This beautiful book is a rep... read more

Our Price:   $19.80


b/AFMFD - 3C
Stock is Very Low.
Alvin Fernald Mayor for A Day
by Hicks, Clifford B - Bethlehem

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Mayor Alvin Fernald. Wow! Alvin's dreams of political grandeur may become a reality—in 5th grade! A class project turns into a major—or we should say, “mayor,” event when Riverton's Mayor Massey propo... read more

Our Price:   $21.00


AS/V1 - 1C
Stock is Very Low.
Amazing Saints Volume 1
by Macari, Mario - LLC
Our Price:   $17.00


AEF - 2D
Stock is High.
The Adventures of Jamie and Bella: An Extraordinary Friend
by Bonnewijn, Olivier - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Lost! Jamie's vacation with his family begins with a catastrophe. He
is separated from his parents in a foreign train station, with night
approaching. Suddenly there appears a mysterious boy d...
read more

Our Price:   $16.50


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Tell Me About The Catholic Faith: From The Bible To The Sacraments

by Dubost, Michael and others

St Francis Solano

by Windeatt, Mary Fabyan

Treasure Box 8

by Maryknoll Sisters

Treasure Box Book 3

by Maryknoll Sisters

Black as Night

by Doman, Regina
Chesterton Press

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