Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine
Sheehan, Michael

Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine
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Book Description

Almost 500,000 copies of this classic high school text were printed, which was used to teach the Faith to generations of English-speaking Catholics around the world for more than four decades. Its outstanding clarity, persuasiveness and comprehensiveness are totally unique. No popular textbook in English published since it was last published in 1962 has repeated Sheehan's successful presentation of the Faith.

For years, this book gave to many young Catholics the support and knowledge to sustain their Faith throughout their lifetime. They knew the Catholic Religion, and they knew the reasons for it. Both teachers and students who used it have testified to its lasting impression upon them.

The structure and sequence of the argument of Sheehan's Apologetics have a unique clarity and logical force. The exposition of the deposit of faith in Catholic Doctrine is clear and thorough. Objections are faced openly and honestly. Dr Sheehan's whole text breathes a loving confidence in the truth of the Faith founded on Him to Whom all honour and glory is due: Jesus Christ, the same, yesterday, today and forever.

About the Editor:
Father Peter Joseph is Vice-rector, Dean of Studies and lecturer in Dogmatic Theology at Vianney College, the diocesan seminary of Wagga Wagga, Australia.

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