Called to Holiness: What It Means to Encounter the Living God
Martin Ralph

Called to Holiness: What It Means to Encounter the Living God
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  Item Type: Book
  Publisher: Ignatius
  Category: Spirituality

  Cover Type: Paper Back
  Length: 140 pages
  Published: August 1999
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  ISBN: 0898707552

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Book Description

What does it mean to encounter the living God? How can such an encounter transform our lives and make us holy as He is holy? Ralph Martin challenges us to know God more profoundly by experiencing His holy presence at work in our daily life. Holiness, he points out, is nothing extraordinary. It is the spiritual birthright of every Christian. But the foundation for our personal holiness must be a vibrant, life changing relationship with God Himself. Called to Holiness offers inspiration and practical help for Christians who desire to grow in holiness. Drawing upon Scripture, Ralph Martin describes the consuming fire of God's holiness and explains how human beings are designed to be holy. He shows us how we can become holy by surrendering our lives to God, even in the midst of suffering.

"In the conflicts of the present, active Christians are those, paradoxically, most in danger of forgetting what Christianity is all about. Ralph Martin's Called to Holiness is a powerful statement on the heart of being a Christian."

James Hitchcock

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