Thomas Aquinas on Faith, Hope and Love
Kaczor, Christopher

Thomas Aquinas on Faith, Hope and Love
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Thomas Aquinas on Faith, Hope and Love provides essential passages from Thomas's treatment if the theological virtues in the Summa Theologiae, edited and explained for classroom use or the independent reader. Arranged for beginners, this book contains passages of great historical import, contemporary relevance and intrinsic interest, combined with abundant footnotes aiding the modern reader.

"The subject of this book, the three theological virtues of faith, hope and love, is nothing less than the greatest thing in the world. And the author of this book, Saint Thomas Aquinas, was nothing less than the greatest theologian in the history of the world. Christopher Kaczor does for the Summa's treatment of the faith, hope, and love, the very thing I did in my Summa of the Summa for its central philosophical passages. This book is for amateurs and beginners as well as professionals and scholars. My advertisement for it here is simply that it works. Students learn from Aquinas. So do teachers. I have learned more from Aquinas than from any other philosopher or theologian. Perhaps most important of all, I have learned the habit of philosophizing from him, by example, more than from anyone else. So has Dr. Kaczor. So can you. This book can actually help you to live by faith and hope and love." Peter Kreeft

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