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Women of Hope
Women of Hope
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Sometimes we feel like we’ll never be happy again. We wonder who to turn to; who will understand. We need to know that we’re not alone; that there’s hope.

Women of Hope gives us that and more. It contains 24 true stories about Catholic women, young and old, who have suffered and survived. Though incredibly painful, their experiences are not uncommon.

Virginia and Sondra faced infertility and found different paths to peace.

Genevieve grieved her aborted son while Veronica relinquished her daughter to adoption.

Nina was abandoned by her husband and Mary suffered domestic violence.

Amanda’s life was littered with painful events until she dealt with childhood sexual abuse.

Sarah battled an eating disorder and Anne helped her child fight drug addiction.

Aveen’s son jumped off the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Rosa lived with mental illness for years before seeking help while Sarah confronted Post Natal Depression.

These and the other women in Women of Hope share their journeys out of pain in order to help you in yours.

So if you need to know that you’re not alone but don’t know where to turn, let the women in this book reach out to you instead.

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