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Holiness for Housewives
Van Zeller, Hubert

Holiness for Housewives
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  Item Type: Book
  Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
  Category: Family

  Cover Type: Soft Back
  Published: May 1997
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  ISBN: 9780918477477

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Book Description

Yes, it is possible to stay sane and even find God amid the dishes, the diapers, and the dirty laundry!

Discover how to grow holier and more prayerful, not in spite of your endless household responsibilities, but by means of them.

Here at last is the practical, encouraging spiritual guide you need; a book written specifically for women like you to help you better understand and respect your vocation as a housewife, and discover in it your God-given path to holiness.

The practical advice in these pages helps you to;

  • Pray in the chaos of a bustling household

  • Find meaning and purpose in the most boring work

  • Bear the stress and exhaustion of your long days

  • Develop a greater awareness of God's presence even in  the din of a demanding household

  • Handle your burdens and disappointments through prayers especially suited to wives and mothers

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