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O Holy Night
Moser, Johann M (ed)

O Holy Night
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  Item Type: Book
  Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
  Category: Christmas

  Cover Type: Hard Back
  Length: 160
  Published: November 1995
  Store Location: 14C
  ISBN: 0918477247

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Book Description

The most beautiful Christmas poetry ever written! — and a perfect gift for your Christian friends

Gathered from twenty-eight centuries, ten languages, and sixty-four authors, here is a uniquely diverse and yet wondrously harmonious collection of voices united in praise for the newborn Savior. Indeed, O Holy Night! is the broadest anthology of Christmas poetry ever collected in the English language.

For years, poet Johann Moser searched through rare and hard-to-find works to unearth forgotten treasures of Nativity poetry. Now he brings together these undeservedly obscure masterpieces with familiar favorites - so that each can delight and inspire you anew with gratitude for the birth of the Holy Infant.

From Virgil to Rilke, from Dante to Pasternak, Moser has found the world’s most brilliant works of Christmas literature - and he has carefully arranged them so that the collection as a whole sings with transcendent beauty, as does each of the individual pieces.

These poems will enrich your Christmas celebrations year after year, as they restore in you a lively sense of the miracle of Christmas. Use them during Advent for private devotion, or read them aloud to your family or in your prayer group.

Soon the noise of mechanical Santas and musical reindeer will fade, leaving you in silent, reverent adoration of our Lord. In these poems is a gift that lasts - the beauty of our Christian tradition!

“A splendid collection of Christmas poetry, freshly drawn from the centuries.” Richard Wilbur

“What a glorious anthology this is! It contains nothing but the very best of Christmas poetry.” Thomas Howard

“A tremendous collection of poems, many in new translation, which, if words could, would do the Incarnation justice.” Aidan Nichols, O.P.

Includes works from; Virgil • Cynewulf • John Donne Quirinus Kuhlmann • The Roman Antiphonary • St. Cyril of Jerusalem Andreas Gryphius • G. K. Chesterton • Dante Alighieri • Alexander Pope Richard Crashaw • St. Bernard of Clairvaux • Gerard Manley Hopkins William Butler Yeats • Geoffrey Chaucer • Johannes Tauler • John Milton St. Bonaventure • St. Robert Southwell • Samuel Taylor Coleridge • St. John of the Cross • St. Teresa of Avila • George Herbert • Ben Jonson • T. S. Eliot • St. Cosmas • St. Romanos Charles Peguy • Heinrich Heine • Boris Pasternak • Rainer Maria Rilke • The Gelasian Sacramentary • And many, many more!

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