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CAL - 17B
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Christianity and Life
by Schall, Fr James SJ - Ignatius

1/ Human Life: The Finite Paradoxes
2/ Humanae Vitae: An Intellectual Memoir
3/ How to Think about Louise Brown: Reflections on the first test tube baby
On the Eliminat...
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IAR - 20F
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Idylls and Rambles: Lighter Christian Essays
Book (Paper Back) by Schall, Fr James SJ - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The English or French essay has been in many ways the most delightful of literary expressions. Moreover, the essay has been particularly adapted to Christianity, to its concreteness, to its awareness ... read more

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RP - 16D
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Reasonable Pleasures: The Strange Coherence of Catholicism
by Schall, Fr James SJ - Ignatius

The fact of pleasure is obvious to us, but its relation to reason is
less understood. We are beings who laugh and run, sing and dance, but
we too seldom reflect on why we do these things....
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