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BBE - 8C
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Basic Book Of The Eucharist
by Lovasik, Lawrence G - Sophia Institute Press

Meet Jesus more fruitfully in the Eucharist!
Fr. Lovasik helps you recognize Christís presence in the Eucharist, emphasizing Christís Sacrifice and showing how you can receive everything that G...
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God's Greatest Gifts
by St Thomas Aquinas - Sophia Institute Press

Do you know what the Commandments require and do you really understand the
Sacraments? Would you like to increase your love of God, to be able to explain
your faith, and to show its confor...
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HW&IS - 7F
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Holy Water And Its Significance For Catholics
Book (PB) by Rev. Henry Theiler - Sophia Institute Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Countless graces flow from the use of Holy Water ó but only if you use it properly.Do you know how it can protect you from danger?Or how it can deepen your prayers during Mass?In
clear, convincing...
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Transforming Your Life Through the Eucharist
Book (Soft Back) by Kane, John A - Sophia Institute Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Come to a vivid new sense of Christ's Presence in the Eucharist
The Holy Eucharist has nourished the Faith of Catholics for centuries ó but it's all too easy to let routine dull your sense of the ...
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