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Brief Reader on Virtues Human
by Pieper, Josef - Ignatius
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The End of Time
Book (Paper Back) by Pieper, Josef - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This is a work of rare prophetic brilliance by Josef Pieper, one of this century's most profound and lucid expositors of the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas. This book was written to throw light on an a... read more

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Guide to Thomas Aquinas
Book (Paper Back) by Pieper, Josef - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: One of the great philosophers of the 20th Century, Josef Pieper, gives a penetrating introduction and guide to the life and works of perhaps the greatest philosopher ever, St. Thomas Aquinas. Pieper p... read more

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In Search of the Sacred: Contributions to an Answer
Book (Soft Back) by Pieper, Josef - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This book is neither a deriding of the worldly "profane" nor a splitting up of reality into a supposedly unholy realm over against one which alone is consecrated to God.
But something which threat...
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