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Effective parenting
Effective parenting
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  Ages: Adult

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  Publisher: CTS
  Category: Parenting

  Cover Type: Paperback
  Length: 64
  Published: 2013
  MYOB Code: 978186082866
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Booklet Description

About the author

James B. Stenson has published on this topic extensively online and with Scepter Publishers in the US. He has a long track record as an educator, headmaster, writer and speaker, and writes in a very down-to-earth style based on considerable experience and feedback from parents over the years.

A practical handbook, packed with all the advice, guidance and common sense you need on your journey as a parent. While bringing up children is a great responsibility, many problems can be overcome through simple solutions. This text sets out the importance of the role parents have and shows how that role must be expressed through nurturing and encouraging one’s children along a path to responsible caring adulthood. Giving pointers on such subjects as: the interaction between parents, the setting of rules, the building of a family unit, how to communicate with both small and adolescent children, what the ultimate goal of effective parenting should be, and much more, it will be a great help for even the most experienced mothers and fathers and novices alike.

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