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The Guardian Angels Our Heavenly Companions
Booklet (Paper Back) by No Author - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This little book reveals one of God's greatest "secrets"--how He governs the world by assigning an Angel to watch over each person, diocese, town, parish, etc. It explains how these blessed spirits pr... read more

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Our Lady of Fatima's Peace Plan
by No Author - Tan
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POSM - 10E
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The Prophecies of St. Malachy
Book (Paper Back) by No Author - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The short; cryptic prophecies of St. Malachy; the Primate of Ireland; made circa 1140 while on a visit at Rome; about each Pope from his time till the End of Time--all based on visions he had at the t... read more

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St Gertrude the Great
by No Author - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: A brief life of this 12th century
German Benedictine nun, the only female saint titled "The Great."
Discusses her method of prayer, some sample prayers, and covers some of
her revelations....
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SMAA - 18C
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St Michael and the Angels
by No Author - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: St. Michael and the Angels is a beautiful and inspiring book telling
all about the angels. Filled with stories from the lives and writings
of the saints, it tells of the role which the good ange...
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