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ACH - 16C
Stock is Low.
A Common Humanity
Book (Paperback) by Gaita, Raymond - Text Publishing
Our Price:   $23.00


6actspec - 22B
Stock is Very Low.
The Actor and the Spectator: Foundations of the Theory of Human Action
Book (Hardback) by Beck, Lewis W - St Augustine's Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: "Stuart D Warner and Stephane Douard's handsome new edition of the Maximes admirably succeeds in its two high urposes: it is a book beautifully organized for the maximum convenience of its readers tha... read more

Our Price:   $24.75


6AESUN - 30D
Stock is Very Low.
The Aesthetic Understanding - Essays in the Philosophy of Art and Culture
Book (Softsewn) by Scruton, Roger - St Augustine's Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This work brings together essays on the philosophy of art in which a philosophical theory of aesthetic judgment is tested and developed through its application to particular examples. Each essay appro... read more

Our Price:   $39.60


6agnost - 29B
Stock is Very Low.
Agnosticism - Contemporary Responses to Spencer and Huxley (Key Issues Series, 4)
Book by Pyle, Andrew - St Augustine's Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Until the nineteenth century, thinkers who entertained doubts about the existence of God were branded “atheists” and “infidels,” and were subject to persecutions. But in the late nineteenth-century Br... read more

Our Price:   $39.60


ARRR - 7b
Stock is Very Low.
Ashley Reader Redeeming Reason
by Ashley, Benedict OP - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: As one of the leading Catholic thinkers of our day, Benedict Ashley collects some of his most important essays tackling such issues as human personhood, the nature of metaphysics, man's ultimate end, ... read more

Our Price:   $55.00


6ANMOD - 28F
Stock is Very Low.
The Ancients and the Moderns - Rethinking Modernity
Book (Paper Back) - St Augustine's Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: In this insightful and controversial book, Rosen takes a new look at the famous "quarrel" that the moderns have with the ancients, analyzing and comparing ancient philosophers and modern Continental a... read more

Our Price:   $37.95


Stock is Very Low.
The Apocalypse of Being : The Esoteric Gnosis of Martin Heidegger
Book (Hard Back) by Sacchi, Mario Enrique - St Augustine's Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Heidegger intended to replace metaphysics by a new kind of thought about that which he called Sein, but in his works this noun is very far from meaning the act of being such as it has been traditional... read more

Our Price:   $46.20


aams - 7E
Stock is Good.
Aquinas and Modern Science
by Verschuuren, Gerard M - Angelico Press
Our Price:   $25.00


6ATOM - 24E
Stock is Very Low.
Atomism and Its Critics: From Democritus to Newton
Book (Softsewn) by Pyle, Andrew - St Augustine's Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This is a substantial and in-depth examination of the history of the atomic theory of matter between the time of Democritus and that of Newton. The work provides a critical account of the arguments us... read more

Our Price:   $66.00


6AMCAA - 24D
Stock is Very Low.
Averroes' Middle Commentary on Aristotle's Poetics
by Butterworth, Charles - St Augustine's Press
Our Price:   $57.75


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Marriage and the Common Good

by Whitehead, Kenneth D
St Augustine's Press

Crisis in Religious Education

by Keane, Eamonn
Association for Renewal of RE

The Two Eyes of Spinoza And Other Essays On Philosophers

by Kolakowski, Leszek
St Augustine's Press

Making: The Proper Habit of Our Being: Essays Speculative, Reflective, Argumentative

by Montgomery, Marion
St Augustine's Press

On the Problem of Empathy (Collected Works of Edith Stein, Volume 3)

by Stein, Blessed Edith

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