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Advent, Christmas and Epiphany in the Domestic Church: Activities to Celebrate Liturgical Seasons
(PB) by Fournier, C & Fournier, P - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This is an illustrated book full of wonderful activities for children
and families to help them better understand and celebrate the Advent,
Christmas and Epiphany seasons. This large size, spi...
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DVD/fog-AF - 21C
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DVD - The Footprints of God: Apostolic Fathers - Handing On The Faith
by Ray, Stephen K - Ignatius


Born into a pagan world of gods and goddesses they blazed a new
trail to follow the living God. With the words of the Apostles still
ringing in their ears these champions...
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BGod - 7D
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The Boundless God
Book (Paper Back) by Von Speyer, Adrienne - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The nature of God is that he cannot be "bound" to one place or timeóbut he also took finite form, bounded to a redemptive act and time that forever changed the world. The understanding of the Triune G... read more

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But I Have Called You Friends: Reflections on the Art of Christian Friendship
Book (Paper Back) by Francis Mother Mary - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Mother Mary Francis gives us a fresh look at one of the oldest arts--friendship. Long before you have finished the book, you will know that the author really means it. She goes to the source of love a... read more

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By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed
by Edward Feser, Joseph M. Besset - Ignatius
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cthe - 8C
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Celebrating the Holy Eucharist
by Arinze,Cardinal Francis - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Cardinal Arinze, the greatly esteemed African churchman and head of the Vatican congregation for worship and sacraments, elucidates the Church's faith in the Eucharist as the high point of her public ... read more

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Ceremonies of the Liturgical Year
Book (PaperBack) by Elliott, Bishop Peter J - Ignatius
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COP - 19E
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Chance Or Purpose
by Schonborn, Cardinal Christoph - Ignatius
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Christianity for Modern Pagans: Pascal's Pensees
Book (Paper Back) by Kreeft, Peter - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Peter Kreeft believes that Blaise Pascal is the first post-medieval apologist. No writer in history, claims Kreeft, is a more effective Christian apologist and evangelist to today's uprooted, confused... read more

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CIC - 19B
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Christians In China
by Charbonnier, Jean-Pierre - Ignatius
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