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Saint Pauls Holy Week Missal
Saint Pauls Holy Week Missal
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The peopleís edition of the Holy Week Missal is a beautifully presented companion  specially prepared for the larger parish community who participate in the celebration of Holy Week, the high point of the Churchís liturgical year.


  • New Order of Mass: a comprehensive extract of the Order of Mass from the New Roman Missal 2010


  • Palm Sunday: all four gospels for the Commemoration of the Lordís Entrance into Jerusalem, readings and gospel proclamations (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) of the Passion


  • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Holy Week: Daily Mass with texts for the antiphons, prayers, readings for each day


  • Chrism Mass which the bishop celebrates with his presbyterate


  • The Sacred Triduum


    • Holy Thursday evening Mass of the Lordís Supper
    • Good Friday celebration of the Lordís Passion
    • Holy Saturday Easter Vigil Liturgy
    • Easter Sunday Celebration of the Eucharist

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