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Conihom - 12G PR/G
Stock is Very Low.
Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Booklet (PB) by Norman, Nicholas A - Tan
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The Life of Mary as Seen by Mystics
Book (Paper Back) by Brown Raphael - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: A masterpiece combining into one coherent story the visions of four great Catholic mystics about the life of Mary. Based on the accounts of Venerable Mary of Agreda, Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich,... read more

Our Price:   $27.99


MSE - 18D
Stock is Very Low.
Mary: The Second Eve
Booklet (Paper Back) by Newman, John Henry, Cardinal - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Proves that today's Marian doctrine is firmly rooted in the early Church's teachings and refutes the Protestant claim that Catholics invented devotion to Mary. Fresh, beautiful insights--typical of Ca... read more

Our Price:   $9.50


MMOC - 18C
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Mary, Mother of The Church
Book (Paper Back) by Ripley, Rev Francis J - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: What recent Popes have said about the Blessed Mother's role in the Church--especially her role as Mediatrix. Goes back to Pope Pius IX (1846-1878); compiled in 1969. Arranged by topic. A valuable sour... read more

Our Price:   $8.35


MOTS - 18E
Stock is Low.
Mother of the Saviour
by Garrigou-Lagrange, Fr Reginald - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Garrigou-Lagrange then explains
Mary's role in relation to us: How she is the Mother of all men and of
each individually; her role as Co-Redemptrix of all men; her power of
intercession for u...
read more

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Our Lady of Fatima's Peace Plan
by No Author - Tan
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Sermons of St Francis de Sales - OL
by St Francis de Sales - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Within this book are a multitude of precious insights on the Blessed Virgin Mary as perfect exemplar of the Christian virtues. These 13 sermons, preached by that great yet gentle Doctor of the Church,... read more

Our Price:   $23.00


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Secret of Mary
by St Louis de Montfort - Tan
Our Price:   $12.00


SOTR - 18D & shop
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The Secret of the Rosary
Book by St Louis de Montfort - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: "St. Louis De Montfort, a most holy man of many secrets, reveals to us
the secret method of praying the Rosary that pleases Jesus Mary
the best. Once we practice this and really persevere in...
read more

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St. Joseph, Fatima and Fatherhood
Book (Paper Back) by Cirrincione, Joseph A - Tan

On October 13, 1917, before the "Miracle of the Sun," St. Joseph appeared holding the Child Jesus; both were blessing the world. The author draws profound, sobering conclusions. Learn about God's ...
read more

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Splendour of Sorrow

by Doherty, Eddie
Madonna House Publications

The Miracles of Lourdes

by O'Shea, Fr Frank
Canisius Press

Holding Jesus: Reflections on Mary, the Mother of God

by McBride, Alfred
Franciscan Media

1917: Red Banners, White Mantle

by Carroll, Warren H
Christendom Press

True Devotion to Mary

by St Louis de Montfort

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