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Transcending All Understanding: The Meaning of Christian Faith Today
Kasper, Walter, Cardinal

Transcending All Understanding: The Meaning of Christian Faith Today
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  Length: 124 pages
  Published: September 1989
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  ISBN: 0898702569

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Book Description

This is a popular account, by one of Europe's leading theologians, of the meaning of the Christian faith and the serious contemporary challenges to that faith. Kasper has gathered together various lectures and revised and re-worked them for publication. Not intended to be a theological treatise on faith, these very readable reflections address some of the real obstacles to the understanding and deepening of personal faith in today's world.

Kasper examines the problem of "the handing on of the faith" that exists almost everywhere today. Faith itself is in question today, not simply the "how" of its being taught or handed on, but the "what" and "why" of faith. The knowledge of the faith has fallen to a new low today, and many of the fundamental attitudes of belief - reverence, humility, trust, and devotion - have become foreign to us. Kasper provides profound insights into these problems and then gives clear solutions to this modern dilemma.

Walter Kasper is a member of the papal International Theological Commissionand was the major architect of the very successful adult catechism The Church's Confession of Faith. In the late 1980s he was named bishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart in West Germany.

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