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T/FC - 25A
Stock is High.
The Fourth Cup - Audio tape
Audio Tape (Talks) by Hahn, Scott - John XXIII Co-op
Our Price:   $7.00


T/MTFT - 25B
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Moral Theology for Today. 5 Tape Album
Audio Tape (Talks) (Plastic Case) by Harvey, Fr John OSFS - John XXIII Co-op

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The revolt against Humanae Vitae unleashed a great storm that broke across the Catholic world. On the surface the waves are now calm; the dross has settled.Fr Harvey looks below the surface examining ... read more

Our Price:   $25.00


T/PPG - 13F
Stock is Good.
Paradise Paradigm-Genesis 1, 2 and 3
Audio Tape (Talks) by Matatics, Gerry - John XXIII Co-op

SHORT DESCRIPTION: A vital, energetic and incisive introduction for amateurs of all ages, Matatic's series of lectures given in 1990 to a California audience provides a superb basis for Catholic Bible studies.In this si... read more

Our Price:   $41.80


T/RC - 21A
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The Reformation Crisis in Europe and England
Audio Tape (Talks) (5 cassettes) by Elliott, Mgr Peter J - John XXIII Co-op

"We can only work out and practise a true Ecunmenism if we appreciate the tragedy of the 16th Century the man-made divisions which continue to hamper the redeeming work of Jesus Christ in this wor...
read more

Our Price:   $25.00


T/STS - 21A
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Search the Scriptures: A Catholic - Protestant Debate
Audio Tape (Talks) (Plastic Case) by Madrid P & Ward R Rev Dr - John XXIII Co-op

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Discover what Protestants really believe - just how close and yet how far their biblical interpretations are from the Catholic Church. ... read more

Our Price:   $2.00


T/WSDU/1 - 13F
Stock is Good.
What Still Divides Us - Vol 1
Audio Tape (Talks) by Madrid, Patrick - John XXIII Co-op
Our Price:   $29.70


T/WSDU/2 - 13F
Stock is High.
What Still Divides Us Vol 2
Audio Tape (Talks) by Madrid, Patrick - John XXIII Co-op
Our Price:   $29.70


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