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Human Life, Action and Ethics

by Anscombe, Elizabeth
Imprint Academic

Utilitarians and Religion

by Crimmins, James E
St Augustine's Press

Religion: If There is No God

by Kolakowski, Leszek
St Augustine's Press
Descartes's Rules for Direction of the Mind
Joachim, Harold H

Descartes's Rules for Direction of the Mind
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  Publisher: St Augustine's Press
  Category: Philosophy

  Casing: Softsewn
  Made: 1997
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A critical examination of the main rules for the direction of the mind and the expositions by which Descartes explains them, this work contains commentary on five main topics: the power of knowing, the nature of the intellect, Descartes' account of induction and deduction, Descartes' method of analysis and synthesis, and the notion of vera mathesis. Joachim then goes on to criticize Descartes' method and to expound his own doctrine of philosophical analysis.

This volume provides valuable material both as a critical commentary on the Rules and for its criticism of current philosophical method.

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