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Human Life, Action and Ethics
Anscombe, Elizabeth

Human Life, Action and Ethics
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  Publisher: Imprint Academic
  Category: Philosophy

  Cover Type: Hard Cover
  Length: 300 pages
  Published: February, 2005
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  ISBN: 1845400135

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Book Description

This is the first collection of essays by the celebrated philosopher Elizabeth Anscombe since the publication of three volumes of her papers in 1981. This new collection includes a) articles published subsequent to those volumes and not hitherto gathered, b) previously unpublished papers on human nature and practical philosophy, together with c) the classic essay "Modern Moral Philosophy", and a few otherwise difficult to obtain early pieces such as her Listener article "Does Oxford Moral Philosophy Corrupt the Youth?". The appearance of this volume is a major publishing event. 

  • ‘The essays reprinted here show the extraordinary originality and great interest of Anscombe’s work in action theory and moral philosophy. Philippa Foot
  • ‘The editors and the publishers have done philosophy a great service.’ Alasdair MacIntyre
  • ‘In the latter half of the twentieth century Anscombe could hold her own with any philosopher in the world.’ Anthony Kenny
  • ‘Elizabeth Ancsombe thought deeply, wrote beautifully, and was never taken in by pretence.’ Roger Scruton
  • 'Truly one of the great philosophers of the twentieth century.’ Hilary Putnam
  • "The undoubted giant among women philosophers, a writer of immense breadth, authority and penetration ... a truly original philosopher." Mary Warnock, University of Cambridge.
  • "Philosophy as she does it is fresh; her arguments take unexpected turns and make unexpected connections, and show always how much there is that had not been seen before". Cora Diamond, University of Virginia.
  • "Anscombe's fusion of the Aristotelian and analytical traditions is one of the highest peaks of 20th century philosophy; it has lost none of its power to destroy philosophical complacency and excite new philosophical thought." Michael Thompson, University of Pittsburgh.

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