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Mystery of the Incarnation
Hume, Cardinal Basil

Mystery of the Incarnation
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  Publisher: Darton Longman Todd
  Category: Theology

  Casing: Paperback
  Length: 160 pages
  Made: September 1, 2004
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'The meaning of things, and their purpose, Is in part now hidden But shall in the end become clear. The choice is between The Mystery and the absurd.' 'For me personally, the most profound truth of my faith is that there is someone who loves me completely and totally in spite of my weaknesses and failures. That keeps me going.' At the heart of the Christian faith is the mystery of the Incarnation - God manifesting his love for us by becoming man. In this, the book he had been working on in the months before his death, Cardinal Basil Hume reflects on the Incarnation and its meaning for our lives and for society. He helps us to see that it is this event that should be at the centre of our millennium celebrations, and he encourages us to fix our eyes on Christ, the light of the world. The Mystery of the Incarnation is divided into three parts and covers subjects such as: the contemporary search for meaning; rediscovering the transcendent; prayer; saints for our time; peace; human love and relationships; the future of society; and preparation for death. A book of deep simplicity and prayerfulness, it will speak to those within the churches and also to those on the margins of faith.

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