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Chance Or The Dance
by Howard, Thomas - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Contrasting the Christian and secular world-views, Thomas Howard shows how, even though the new secular mythology may have gained some entrance into our minds and our hearts, our lives and all our gen... read more

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Evangelical Is Not Enough
by Howard, Thomas - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: In this deeply moving narrative, Thomas howard describes his pilgrimage from Evangelicalism (which he loves and reveres as the religion of his youth) to liturgical Christianity. He soon afterward bec... read more

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Hallowed Be This House
by Howard, Thomas - Ignatius
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If Your Mind Wanders at Mass
Book (Paper Back) by Howard, Thomas - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Distractions, fatigue, boredom at Sunday worship-maybe we experience these because we don't fully appreciate what's going on at Mass. Howard's profound and practical look at the liturgy focuses our wa... read more

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On Being Catholic
Book (Soft Back) by Howard, Thomas - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: In his first full-length book since converting to Roman Catholicism over ten years ago, Thomas Howard presents his wonderful, refreshing insights on the "glad tidings" of the deeper meaning of Catholi... read more

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The Night is Far Spent
by Howard, Thomas - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: In his books and articles, Thomas Howard has never been one to shy away
from controversy. While attending the Evangelical Church of his parents
and teaching English at an Evangelical college, Ho...
read more

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Principles of Christian Morality

by Ratzinger, Cardinal

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by Smith, Msgr William B.

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The Way of the Lord Jesus: Christian Moral Principles

by Grisez, Germain
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by Grisez, Germain
Franciscan Press

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