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BHI/W - 19B
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Bible History Workbook
Book (Paper Back) by Ignatz, Marie - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This workbook contains Completion and Matching Questions for each chapter of Bible History by Johnson-Hannan-Dominica. Answer key is perforated for easy removal. This workbook is designed to reinforce... read more

Our Price:   $38.50


COTI - 20D
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Characters of the Inquisition
Book (Paper Back) by Walsh William Thomas - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This famous historian has laid to rest the standard myths accepted by most people today. For example, the lie that the Inquisition was ruthless and unjust, that it sent thousands to merciless torture ... read more

Our Price:   $23.00


COTR - 19C
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Characters of the Reformation
Book (Paper Back) by Belloc, Hilaire - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Perhaps the most fascinating book ever written by this great Catholic historian. Here in bold, living colors Belloc sketches the destructive results of the greed, lust, weakness, tenacity, blindness, ... read more

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Christ The King Lord Of History - Workbook
by Mooney, Belinda - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Over 50 questions for each of the 30 chapters. Fill-in-the-blank, Mulitple choice, True/False, Matching, plus a Mini-Essay Question. Answer Key perforated for easy removal. Students can write in the b... read more

Our Price:   $27.99


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Christ the King, Lord of History: A Catholic World History from Ancient to Modern Times
Book (Paper Back) by Carroll, Anne W - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: A fast-paced, enjoyable, highly readable, fascinating, interesting Catholic world history for high schools and adult reading. Covers largely Western world history from a Catholic viewpoint. Just flows... read more

Our Price:   $58.00


Owaa - 19B
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Old World And America
Book (Paperback) by Furlong, Rev. Philip J. - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: A famous 5th-8th grade world history text. Guides the student from Creation through the Flood, pre-historic people, the ancient East, Greeks, Romans, the triumph of the Church, Middle Ages, Renaissanc... read more

Our Price:   $42.00


PII - 19C
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Philip II
Book (Hard Cover) by Walsh William Thomas - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Walsh's greatest book--about Europe's most powerful king ever. But more, it is a panorama of the entire 16th century. Covers the birth of Protestantism and the secret efforts to undermine Catholic uni... read more

Our Price:   $70.00


WTC - 19C
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William The Conqueror
by Belloc, Hilaire - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: In William the Conqueror the great Catholic historian Hilaire Belloc
describes everything that led up to and followed from the momentous
battle which took place at Hastings in England in the yea...
read more

Our Price:   $13.00


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How the Apostles Wrote the New Testament

by McDonnell, D. J.
John XXIII Co-op

History of Christendom Vol. 5 The Revolution against Christendom

by Carroll, Warren H
Christendom Press

The Great Facade

by Ferrara/Woods
Angelico Press

The Early Papacy to the Council of Chalcedon in 451

by Fortescue, Adrian
Saint Austin Press

The Last Crusade

by Carroll, Warren H
Christendom Press

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