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CAC - 4E
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Catechisms and Controversies: Religious Education in the Postconciliar Years
(Paper Back) by Wrenn, Msgr M - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Wrenn, an expert in the field of religious education, provides an overview of the difficulties in the field of religious education since the Second Vatican Council. This work reveals a number of the s... read more

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CCHi - 19C
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Catholics Confronting Hitler: The Catholic Church and the Nazis
Book (PB) by Peter Bartley - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Written with economy and in chronological order, this book offers a
comprehensive account of the response to the Nazi tyranny by Pope Pius
XII, his envoys, and various representatives of the C...
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DTTS - 19C
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A Danger to the State: A Historical Novel
Book (Paper Back) by Trower, Philip - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Through a large cast of historical and fictional characters, A Danger to the State relates one of the outstanding though little known dramas of modern history. In 1773, surrendering at last to a 20 ye... read more

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EFS - 4F
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Escape from Scepticism: Liberal Education as if Truth Mattered
Book (Paper Back) by Derrick, Christopher - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The brilliant English writer Christopher Derrick presents a disturbing indictment of today's colleges and universities and the troubled condition of liberal education. The occasion for his writing thi... read more

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History Of The Catholic Church
by Hitchcock, James - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The Catholic Church is the longest-enduring institution in the world. Beginning with the first Christians and continuing in our present day, the Church has been planted in every nation on earth. The C... read more

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TKTM - 19D
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Three Kings, Ten Mysteries: The Secrets of Christmas
Book (HB) by Grzegorz Gorny - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Were the Three Kings, or Magi, who the Bible says traveled to
Bethlehem in search of the Christ Child real, historical figures or
simply the stuff of legend?For generations, the Magi have
read more

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THTS - 19C
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To Hunt, to Shoot, to Entertain: Clericalism and the Catholic Laity
Book (Paper Back) by Shaw, Russell - Ignatius
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WJWG - 19C
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When Jesuits were Giants
Book (Hard Back) by Buckley, Cornelius - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This biography chronicles the life of Louis-Marie Ruel lan, a romantic, pampered, bourgeois Breton but ended up a Jesuit priest and selfless servant of God. He came to the United States in 1883 to wor... read more

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