The Reformation Crisis in Europe and England
Elliott, Mgr Peter J

The Reformation Crisis in Europe and England
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"We can only work out and practise a true Ecunmenism if we appreciate the tragedy of the 16th Century the man-made divisions which continue to hamper the redeeming work of Jesus Christ in this world. "


A Key to Understanding the Church Today

Fr Elliott peaks as a qualified historian, having studied at the Universities of Melbourne and Oxford and has an incredible capacity to make history easy to understand. He describes the drama of the Reformation. interpreting it for our age.

England was Catholic. Mary's England became Merry England. At first those in power changed the Catholic practices upon which normal Catholic life depended, but the people remained Catholic in tradition and feeling. Gradually it was made more difficult and those who openly professed the Faith needed great courage: it was easier to go along with the changes. Tradition became only a sentiment kept to oneself with nothing to sustain it; then a memory which was soon forgotten and Faith rapidly died out. Are we seeing a replay today?

Ten Talks Recorded on 5 Cassettes at Christ the Priest Adult Education Centre, Scoresby, Victoria.

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