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Learning The Virtues That Lead You To God
by Guardini, Romano - Sophia Institute Press
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Living the Drama of Faith
(Softsewn) by Guardini, Romano - Sophia Institute Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Whether your faith is brand-new or well-worn, you've already found that it's a drama, with storms of doubt and turmoil disrupting sweet moments of grace nd peace.
These pages will help you unlock t...
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Spritual Combat Peace of Soul

by Scupoli, Lorenzo

How to find God

by Van Zeller, Hubert
Sophia Institute Press

The Gift Of Self to God

by Grou, Father Jean Nicolas
Loreto Publications

Sinners' Guide

by Louis of Granada, Ven

St Thomas Aquinas and the Preaching Beggars

by Larnen, Brendan OP and Lomask, Milton

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