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AWA - 3c
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by McAdam, Claudia Cangilla - Sophia Institute Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Fear drives me forward as I rush down a rocky path in Jerusalem, trying
to sort things out even as dusk makes it harder to hurry. Am I
really an American girl, cast back to the time of Jesus? Or...
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B-MoM - 20E
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Bleeder - Miracle or Murder?
by Desjarlais, John J - Sophia Institute Press

Featured in Fidelity
When classics professor Reed Stubblefield is disabled in a school shoot-ing, he retreats to a rural Illinois cabin to recover and write a book on Ar-istotle.
Oddly, i...
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CaCr - 36D
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Crossbows & Crucifixes: A Novel of the Priest Hunters and the Brave Young Men Who Fought Them
by Garnett, Henry - Sophia Institute Press

1585: Queen Elizabeth’s spies lurk everywhere, searching out Catholics
who refuse to attend the non-Catholic services of the State religion.
Officers of the law hunt down and kill...
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The Red Hat

by McInerny, Ralph M

The Chain: A Story of Faith Seeking Understanding

by Rist, Anna
Angelico Press

The Novice's Tale

by Frazer, Margaret
Berkley Books

The Great Divorce

by Lewis, C S

Da Vinci Deception

by Shea, Mark & Sri,Edward
Ascension Press

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