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The Catholic Mystique: Women Converts Tell Their Stories
Ferrara, J & Ireland, P.S.

The Catholic Mystique: Women Converts Tell Their Stories
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  Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor
  Category: Apologetics

  Cover Type: Paper Back
  Length: 304 pages
  Published: 2004
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  ISBN: 1931709912

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Book Description

There are Catholics and non-Catholics alike who take it as truth that the Catholic Church is no place for a self-respecting, intelligent woman.

Small wonder they're sympathetic to the feminists who couldn't care less about the Church but, even so, relentlessly agitate for its complete restructuring...with women's ordination as the new centerpiece.

Authors Jennifer Ferrara and Patricia Sodano Ireland disagree. Both were ordained Lutheran ministers. Both became Roman Catholics. The Catholic Mystique tells their stories - and the stories of more than a dozen other educated, articulate, accomplished women who found ultimate fulfillment in the Church.

While the contributors to this book come from a wide variety of backgrounds, time and time again, it was the Church's clear and uncompromising stance on the sanctity of human life that first attracted a woman's attention, and then captured her heart.

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