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Euthanasia - Getting to the Heart of the Matter
Alton, David & Foley, Martin

Euthanasia - Getting to the Heart of the Matter
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  Category: Life Issues
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Most people would claim to be against the legalising of euthanasia - intentional killing - and this includes many of no religious belief and the medical profession, which remains overwhelmingly opposed. However, a relentless, sophisticated and deeply manipulative campaign is currently being waged in the UK in order to alter our traditional beliefs and change the law.

This readable and up-to-the-minute booklet examines why euthanasia can never be ethically justifiable; the attempt to use terminally ill patients like Diane Pretty to advance the case for voluntary euthanasia; Tony Bland and the question of withdrawing food and fluids - effectively opening the door to non-voluntary euthanasia; and euthanasia and disability. It will help individuals and groups understand the issues and how best to campaign to influence public policy.

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