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Beyond Abortion - A Chronicle of Fetal Experimentation
Book (Paper Back) by Rini, Suzanne M - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Documents the merciless experiments on human infants scheduled for abortion, the removal of organs and body tissue from still-living fetal infants, and the live "harvesting" of their organs for the us... read more

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Genetic Intervention on Humans
Book (Paper Back) - Catholic Bishops of Eng/Wales

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This book addresses some of the vexing questions which genetics and particularly genetic intervention on human subjects raises. Somatic line therapy is viewed in the same light as current therapies an... read more

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Arise from Darkness -Video cassette pal

by Groeschel, Fr Benedict J

Common Ground?

by Tonti-Filippini & Fleming Ed
St Paul Publications

Unaborted Socrates

by Kreeft, Peter
InterVarsity Press

Prenatal Diagnosis: Confronting the Ethical Issues

Pre-Natal Testing

by Sutton, Agneta

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