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Wonder of the Eucharist
Barker, Fr. Ken

Wonder of the Eucharist
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The Wonder of the Eucharist is for all Catholics, especially those who want to refresh their personal appreciation of this sacrament. It stimulates us to break out of the routine and formality of ritual practices, and to discover the wonderful treasure of the Eucharist which can transform our lives.

Once again, Fr Ken Barker has drawn on the breadth of the Catholic tradition and his own deep streams of spiritual wisdom to provide us with a timely, intellectually satisfying and very readable book on the Sacrament that is the 'source and summit' of a Christian's life, the gift of the Blessed Eucharist. Thank you Fr Ken!

-- Most Rev Peter Comensoli, Bishop of Broken Bay

“In an often disenchanted world, Fr Ken Barker takes us to the heart of a wondrous mystery with all the clarity and conviction we have come to expect from him. In ways accessible to all, he writes of the Eucharist in which the extraordinary God comes to us in things as ordinary as bread and wine. To understand that mystery is to know the wonder of both God and the world. This is a book that can open eyes that see too little and hearts that yearn for more”.

-- Most Rev Mark Coleridge, Archbishop of Brisbane

Once again Fr Ken leads us along paths rich in Sacred Scripture, the teaching of the Church and its patrimony of the writings of the saints. Fr Ken explores the multifaceted mystery of the Eucharist in a way that opens up the mystery for deep personal reflection. We are led down spiritual paths that nourish the soul. This book is recommended for those who are drawn in the desire to deepen their inner life with their Eucharistic Lord.

-- Most Rev Julian Porteous, Archbishop of Hobart

Fr Ken Barkeris the founder of the Missionaries of God’s Love (MGL), a new religious congregation in the Australian Church. He is involved in many works of evangelization and spiritual renewal, and is the author of popular books, including Becoming Fire, Young Men Rise Up, His Name is Mercy, Amazing Love, and Alive in the Spirit.

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