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CGCG - 15E
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Choosing God - Chosen by God: Conversations with Jean-Marie Lustiger
Book (Paper Back) by Lustiger, Jean-Marie, Cardinal - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Choosing God, Chosen by God is an engaging encounter with the thoughts, convictions, life and faith of Cardinal Lustiger, Archbishop of Paris and one of the most articulate and intriguing voices in th... read more

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GOHC - 15D
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Growing Old and How to Cope
by Deeken, Alfons SJ - Ignatius
Our Price:   $19.50


HSTU - 13C
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He Spoke To Us
by Rutler, Fr George W - Ignatius
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HFC - 18E
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Healing Fire of Christ: Reflections on Modern Miracles
(Paper back) by Glynn, Paul - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Reflections on Modern Miracles
Fr. Paul Glynn
What are miracles? Why do miracles happen? Do miracles still happen? The subject of miraculous activity is one that has compelled believers for mi...
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Stock is Good.
Heart Of The Christian Life
by Benedict XVI - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: "Christ is truly present among us in the Eucharist. His presence is not static. It is a dynamic presence that grasps us, to make us his own, to make us assimilate him. Christ draws us to himself, he m... read more

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Stock is Good.
Life Work: Finding Your Purpose in Life
Book (Paper Back) by Sarkisian, Rick - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: LifeWork is a unique approach to discovering the presence of God in all that we do. A special emphasis is placed on the unique, personal vocation and mission to which all are called; of special intere... read more

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NDD - 14D
Stock is Low.
The Noonday Devil: Acedia, The Unnamed Evil Of Our Times
by Nault, Jean-Charles - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The noonday devil is the demon of acedia, the vice also known as sloth. The word “sloth”, however, can be misleading, for acedia is not laziness; in fact it can manifest as busyness or activism. Rathe... read more

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NMD - 13E
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Numbering My Days: How The Liturgical Calendar Rearranged My Life
Book (PB) by Chene Heady - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Chene Heady was a believing Catholic whose daily concerns were shaped
primarily by forces other than his faith--career demands, financial
decisions, scheduling conflicts, etc. He worked long h...
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WIP - 15D
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Words in Pain
Book (Soft Back) by Wright, Cardinal John J - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: We invite you in these meditations to consider less the horrors of Calvary and more its glory. The traditional emphasis on the human sufferings of Calvary seems to be due to the notion that Jesus was ... read more

Our Price:   $19.50


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About Bioethics: Caring for People who are Sick or Dying

by Tonti-Filippini, Nicholas
Connor Court

Life After Death Practical Help for the Widowed

by Barkley, Elizabeth
Franciscan Media

Comfort For the Sick & Dying: And for those who love them

by Greenstock, David L
Sophia Institute Press

When You Suffer: Biblical Keys for Hope and Understanding

by Jeff Cavins

Devotion For The Dying

by Potter, Mary Mother

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