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cts-j23 - PR-Q
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John XXIII: The Universal Parish Priest
by Robinson, Josephine - CTS

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Angelo Roncalli, intelligent, modest, joyful and from the humblest of
origins, became Pope aged 78. Yet his short papacy (1958-1963)
inaugurated the most significant event in Church life for c...
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PaulVI - 12E
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Paul VI
by Symondson SJ, Anthony - CTS

SHORT DESCRIPTION: During Pope Paulís reign (1963-1978) more changes were introduced in the
Catholic Church than in all previous centuries combined, not least due
to the Second Vatican Council. His pontificate d...
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CTS-PF - 12E
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Pope Francis


A short biography of the new Holy Father.Amidst
the many media reports on the newly elected bishop of Rome and his
possible effect on the Church, it is easy...
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Mother Teresa of Calcutta

by Maasburg, Leo

The Wine of Certitude

by Rooney, David

When The Summer Ended

by Bogle, Joanna J

Life is a Blessing

by Lejeune, Clara

Pope Benedict XVI - A Personal Portrait

by Fischer, Heinz-Joachim

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