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The Actor and the Spectator: Foundations of the Theory of Human Action
Book (Hardback) by Beck, Lewis W - St Augustine's Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: "Stuart D Warner and Stephane Douard's handsome new edition of the Maximes admirably succeeds in its two high urposes: it is a book beautifully organized for the maximum convenience of its readers tha... read more

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Six Secular Philosophers
Book (Paper Back) by Beck, Lewis W - St Augustine's Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Beck discusses the works on religion of the six philosophers he considers most germane to contemporary issues: Spinoza, Hume, Kant, Nietzsche, James, and Santayana. "I have tried to choose men whose i... read more

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Current Issues in Idealism

by Coates, Paul & Hutto, Daniel
St Augustine's Press

What Distinguishes Human Understanding?

by Deely, John
St Augustine's Press

The Development of Mathematical Logic

by Nidditch, P H
St Augustine's Press

Battle for the Catholic Mind

by May and Whitehead
St Augustine's Press

Hume on Miracles

by Twentyman, Stanley
St Augustine's Press

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