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AIO - 5F
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Adventures in Orthodoxy - The Marvels of the Christian Creed and the Audacity of Belief
(Softsewn) by Longnecker, Dwight - Sophia Institute Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Watch out, Chesterton and C.S. Lewis! Here’s a writer as clear . . . and as exciting!
Christians often find the Creed as tedious as a contract, and orthodoxy dull as dirt. In these lively pages — ...
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AI - 5D
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Always Inspired
by Butler, AbbotBasil Christopher - Sophia Institute Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Scripture is a gift from God . . . but only through the Catholic Church can you experience the fullness of the Christian Faith.
In arguments both lucid and thorough,
Benedictine Abbott Basil Ch...
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Stock is Very Low.
Biblical Defense of Catholicism
by Armstrong, Dave - Sophia Institute Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This exciting book shows that, far from straying from the Bible, Catholicism is eminently and thoroughly biblical. Indeed, Catholicism is the only Christian religion that is in full conformity with w... read more

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SAR - 5C
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Search and Rescue
by Madrid, Patrick - Sophia Institute Press
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SBT2 - 5F
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Surprised by Truth 2
by Madrid, Patrick - Sophia Institute Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This collection of testimonies by people who’ve found new life in the Catholic Church is one of the most potent weapons for the Faith ever crafted! These authors don’t just tell their stories — they a... read more

Our Price:   $34.50


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Catholic for a Reason III: Scripture and the Mystery of the Mass

by Hahn, Scott
Emmaus Road Publishing

God On Trial

by Colquhoun, Robert J

1001 Reasons Why It's Great To Be Catholic

by Haddad, Robert
Beacon Publishing

The heart of Christianity: an invitation to faith (leaflet)

Catholic Truth Society

Fundamentals of the Faith

by Kreeft, Peter

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