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10 Dates Every Catholic Should Know
Book (Paper Back) by Moczar, Diane - Sophia Institute Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Here are the saints and sinners, popes and kings that God used to shape his Church and change the world. You’ll meet Clovis and Charlemagne, Luther and Pope Leo, Suleiman and St. Francis, the Arians, ... read more

Our Price:   $23.00


100 Activities: Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church
Book (Paper Back) by Rossini, Ellen - Ignatius

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Sometimes when teaching children an aspect of our Catholic Faith, it is helpful to have a special activity to reinforce the lesson. They need exercises that train the mind or move the heart. For this ... read more

Our Price:   $33.00


100 Names of Mary: Stories and Prayers
Book (Paper Back) by Chiffolo, Anthony F - St Anthony Messenger Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Perhaps the Most Popular Saint, Mary has come to be known by many names, reflecting her many different qualities. Each of the hundred names selected provides the story about the title of Mary, a tradi... read more

Our Price:   $24.00


101 Inspirational Stories Of The Rosary
Book by Proctor, Sr Patricia, OSB - Franciscan Monastery of Saint

SHORT DESCRIPTION: “Sister Patricia has put together a knock-your-socks-off collection of true stories that will
inspire both new and veteran prayers of the rosary. Let her book spark new life in your commitment read more

Our Price:   $26.00


The 33 Doctors of the Church
Book (Paper Back) by Rengers, Fr Christopher - Tan

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Here are 33 chapters about the greatest minds and greatest Saints the Catholic Church has ever produced. Written in a down-to-earth style, The 33 Doctors of the Church is a book that will be loved and... read more

Our Price:   $43.50


A Catholic Woman's Book of Days
Book by Welborn, Amy - Sophia Institute Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Author Amy Welborn has created a one-volume daily devotional for Catholic women.
The entries are brief, pointed, and written to help Catholic women connect their everyday concerns with God's Word ...
read more

Our Price:   $30.00


COCFI-out of print - 16C
A Cup of Comfort for Inspiration: Uplifting Stories That Will Brighten Your Day
Book (Paper Back) by Sell Colleen - Adams Media

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Just like a cup of hot tea or coffee on a cold morning, this remarkable collection of true stories will warm your heart, lighten your mood, and rouse you to move mountains. In each one of these storie... read more

Our Price:   $19.00


b/dos - 36C
A Day on Skates
Book (Hardback) by Van Stockum, Hilda - Bethlehem

SHORT DESCRIPTION: In honor of her life and work, Bethlehem Books is very happy to bring back one of the most delightful family books ever written. With this 1935 Newbery Honor book, author/illustrator Hilda van Stockum... read more

Our Price:   $35.00


AGO - 21F
A Grief Observed
Book (Paperback) by Lewis, C S - Faber & Faber

SHORT DESCRIPTION: C.S. Lewis joined the human race when his wife, Joy Gresham, died of cancer. Lewis, the Oxford don whose Christian apologetics make it seem like he's got an answer for everything, experienced crushing... read more

Our Price:   $22.00


A Guide to the Passion : 100 Questions about The Passion of The Christ
Book (Paper Back) - Ascension Press

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The Passion of the Christ is an epic movie masterpiece that is going to change countless lives. It is not just another extraordinary Hollywood production – it's a call for each of us to encounter the... read more

Our Price:   $7.95


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