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Fidelity Books & Pieties stocks a large range of VHS and DVD videos, all safe for the family home.

From old time classics such as 'A Man for All Seasons' and 'The Story of Ruth', to modern day films and documentories.

We also stock many childrens videos, from bible stories to the ever popular VeggieTales (Larry gives it ten thumbs up... if he had any hands... or thumbs)

Patrick - Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isle VHS Video Cassette
VHS Video
Blending historical facts with beloved traditions, Patrick, Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isle, brings to life a long-lost world of Druids, Warriors, and Kings. Patrick had it easy at his parentsí seaside villa. At 16, he thought he had it made for life, that is, until the day raiders kidnapped him to nearby Ireland. To save himself, Patrick turns to God. With new strength and inner freedom, he be... read more

Our Price: $5.00

The Grand Canyon Catastrophe: New Evidence of the Genesis Flood Video Cassette
VHS Video
A young earth is more probable than you may think...Get a view of the Grand Canyon that its visitors are not allowed to examine! This video documentary, recorded on-location throughout the United States, explores the "breached dam" theory that catastrophic drainage of vast post-Flood lakes carved the Grand Canyon rapidly and recently... rather than millions and millions of years ago! It also off... read more

Our Price: $5.00

Veggie Tales: The Star of Christmas VHS Video Cassette
VHS Video by No Author

Cavis Appythart and Millward Phelps (Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber) are putting the finishing touches on their first Christmas Spectacular musical - "The Princess and the Plumber." With stage great Effie Pickering in the lead role and more electric lights than 1880 's London could ever hope to illuminate, Cavis is sure his show will "teach London how to love!" But when word gets ou... read more

Our Price: $5.00


Ben Hur - A Race to Glory Video Cassette

DVD - The Miracle of Marcelino

Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity: Straight Talk with Men about Love and Life



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