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Razing the Bastions: On the Church in This Age
Book by Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Written in the 1950s, this book defines and anticipates, in a prophetic way, the role of the laity in the Church, and the intimate relationship between the Church and the world. These two themes were recognized by the Second Vatican Council especially in the two constitutions "On the Church" and "The Church in the Modern World."
Von Balthasar's "bastions" are barriers erected over the ce... read more

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Grain of Wheat: Aphorisms
Book by Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
This volume is unique among the works of the great theologian and spiritual writer von Balthasar for it is a collection of short, personal and very readable reflections and aphorisms that are the fruit of his prayer and study over the course of his life on the central themes of the Christian spiritual life. Balthasar's style-intimate, lucid, precise and yet poetic, along with the intensity of his ... read more

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At the Service of the Church: Henri Lubac Reflects on the Circumstances That Occasioned His Writings
Book by de Lubac, Henri
Here Henri de Lubac reflects on the circumstances that occasioned his writings. In 1976 Fr Hans Urs von Balthasar wanted to offer his "mentor and friend", Fr Henri de Lubac, on the occasion of his eighteith birthday, a little book that would bring out "the organic work of a life". He had finished it when, as he wrote in the preface, "Father de Lubac and a few other friends placed in my hand a... read more

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In the Fullness of Faith: On the Centrality of the Distinctively Catholic

Aquinas A Beginner's Guide

The Moment of Christian Witness

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Theology of the Church
by Journet, Charles Cardinal
Theology of the Church was first published over forty years ago. Now more relevant than ever, the republishing of this classic has been greeted with joy by a great number of Christians. The work is a shorter version of the basic and beautiful book by the same author, the two volume The Church of the Incarnate Word. From this theological work, Cardinal Journet has extracted a shorter and more popul... read more

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