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St Pauls Publications (Australia) is a Catholic publishing house operated by the priests and brothers of the Society of St Paul. It is part of the ST PAULS group of publishing houses operating in 27 countries. Present in Australia since 1953, it is a publisher of religious books specialising in biblical, devotional, liturgical, pastoral and spiritual aspects of the Christian life. It also publishes official Catholic Church documents and Sunday liturgical bulletins for use in Churches throughout Australia. It's publishing house is located in Sydney suburb of Strathfield.

Cloud The Reflections
by Cooper, Austin
The writings of the anonymous author of The Cloud of Unknowing represent the 'timeless' aspect of the Christian spiritual tradition. Though written in the fourteenth century, they certainly speak to the women and men of today. It is almost as though they were written for our age.
This book contains a series of reflections on these writings, showing how they relate to the wider Catholic traditio... read more

Our Price: $14.30

A Mother's Heart
It is Mothers Day on the 12th May. A Mothers Heart will sell throughout the year but on this special occasion this little book will be the perfect gift to show mum she is loved. It contains reflections, wisdom and humour from the ages, giving context for the very special relationship that exists between a mother and child. It is a hardcover book and illustrated with colour throughout. It will be a... read more

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My Little Missal
by Roche Maite
A beautifully illustrated step-by-step guide to the Mass which accompanies little children through the most important parts of the centrepiece of Christian life. Includes texts from the Mass, helpful commentary, prayers and pictures which illustrate the connections between the life of Christ and the actions of the Mass.
Read with children aged 4 and up. Independent reading from age 7.... read more

Our Price: $10.00


General Instruction of the Roman Missal - Interim Text for Australia

My First Communion

St Pauls Sunday Missal

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Journey Towards Easter
Book by Ratzinger, Cardinal
This book offers to the public the meditations of the Lenten Retreat given in the Vatican by Cardinal Joseh Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith, in the presence of Pope John Paul II. Starting out from the conviction that the forty days of Lent are already a Retreat in themselves which the Church offers us year by year, a sacramental grace which is at the same time an ... read more

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