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St Pauls Publications (Australia) is a Catholic publishing house operated by the priests and brothers of the Society of St Paul. It is part of the ST PAULS group of publishing houses operating in 27 countries. Present in Australia since 1953, it is a publisher of religious books specialising in biblical, devotional, liturgical, pastoral and spiritual aspects of the Christian life. It also publishes official Catholic Church documents and Sunday liturgical bulletins for use in Churches throughout Australia. It's publishing house is located in Sydney suburb of Strathfield.

Dear Young People - Homilies and Addresses of Pope Benedict XVI at WYD
Book by Benedict XVI
Homilies and addresses of Pope Benedict XVI at the 23rd World Youth Day in Sydney, July 2008.
... read more

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Saint Joseph
by Guadagno, Geraldine
Saint Joseph is the quiet saint.
As husband of the Virgin Mary and protector of Jesus from birth to childhood, he was a good, just man, who did what God asked him to do, without question.
This is Joseph's story.... read more

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To the Church in America
by John Paul II
How does the Church meet the needs of people in North America? In this volume, Pope John Paul II and his immediate predecessors answer the concern of bishops, priests, religious and laity. Each in his own way calls us to:
- a renewed commitment to God's Word- a profound respect and exteem for ethical and religious values- the worth of every human person- the holiness of personal conversion- the... read more

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My First Communion

My Little Missal

General Instruction of the Roman Missal - Interim Text for Australia

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Deus Caritas Est
by Benedict XVI
Everyone needs love. Everyone desires love. But not everyone understands love. In fact, love is probably the most misunderstood subject in history.
In his first Encyclical, Pope Benedict helps to clarify the meaning of love. He examines the nature of various kinds of love—human love and divine love, eros, friendship, and charity. He writes beautifully and inspirationally of how man was made fo... read more

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