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Large Print Prayer Book
Very compact book containing all the well known prayers so familiar to people. It also includes the 'Rite of Communion to the Sick in Ordinary circumstances' and the 'Rite of Reconciliation for Individual Penitents'. Large print makes it easily accessible to many.... read more

Our Price: $8.00

Abortion - Getting to the Heart of the Matter
by Alton, David & Foley, Martin
Since the passing of the Abortion Act in 1967 in the UK (with the
exception of Northern Ireland) there have been six million abortions.
Even more shocking, the number of abortions in the UK is rising
year-on-year and the age of women seeking abortions is getting younger.
Pragmatism about abortion and a growing disregard for the sanctity of
human life have permeated society to i... read more

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The Church and Racism
Booklet by Australian Bishops
Sets out to examine the phenomenon of racism, and to treat some of the manifestations of conflictual attitudes, intolerance and prejudice, when connected with racism, and aims to enlighten and awaken consciences about the reciprocal respect due among ethnic and racial groups, as well as their mutual co-existence. ... read more

Our Price: $2.53


On Mixed Marriages

The Theology Of 'The Passion Of The Christ'

Interchurch Marriages: Their Ecumenical Challenge and Significance for Our Churches

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Blessed John Paul II
by Sala, Renzo (ed)
Published to commemorate his beatification, this small, illustrated booklet traces the life of Blessed John Paul II, from his first steps, through his time as a worker, then a priest, and finally Pope and shepherd of the Church.... read more

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