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Bertrand Russell
by Slater, John G
This book is intended as an introduction to Bertrand Russell and his views in a variety of fields. In addition to being one of the most important logicians and philosophers of this century, Russell was also, for a very long time, one of its most prominent public figures, and his influence on his time was not confined to academic subjects. Nearly all of his seventy-odd books, including some whose p... read more

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Bertrand Russell and the Origins of Analytical Philosophy
by Monk, R &Palmer, A
This collection of new essays from distinguished philosophers and Russell scholars from around the world seeks to explore Russell's enduringly important contribution to shaping the concerns and the methods of contemporary analytical philosophers. It includes both general discussions of the nature of analytical philosophy and detailed analyses of Russell's arguments, and covers the whole range of R... read more

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Commentary on Aristotle's De Anima
Booklet by St Thomas Aquinas
The Commentary Thomas Aquinas completed on Aristotle's De anima is thought to be the first of some dozen such commentaries that he wrote toward the end of his short career. He may have produced this work in 1268 while teaching in the Dominican house of Santa Sabrina in Rome. Shortly thereafter he returned to Paris where he was swept into the Latin Averroist controversy, at the center of which was ... read more

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