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Kant's Pre-Critical Ethics (Key Texts: Classic Studies in the History of Ideas)
Book by Schilpp, Paula A
Kantís pre-critical period is commonly considered to run from 1747 when he published On the True Estimate of Living Forces to the appearance in 1770 of his inaugural dissertation, On the Form and Principles of the Sensible and the Intellectual Worlds. It is in this period that the origins of his later system of ethical thought can be found. Yet there is very little literature in English dealing wi... read more

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Liberalism, Democracy, and the State in Britain: Five Essays, 1862-1891 (Primary Sources in Political Thought)
Book by Stapleton, Julia
The five pieces reprinted here are part of the vibrant polemical literature of liberalism in the last four decades of the nineteenth century. They illustrate a creed whose adherents were acutely aware of its recent achievements and further potential in shaping British society and politics. The dynamic, highly reflective nature of British liberalism in this period is already familiar through substa... read more

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The Subjection of Women: Contemporary Responses to John Stuart Mill (Key Issues Series)
Book by Pyle, Andrew
Mill's On Liberty (1859) denies people the right to sell themselves into slavery. Yet such, says Mill, is the condition of half the population, denied the most elementary legal and political rights. The Subjection of Women is a cry of protest against the injustices of existing British institutions and a plea for political, legal, and educational reforms. This volume contains a sample of the result... read more

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