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Purity in an Impure Age, Discovering God?s Glorious Plan for Sexuality
VHS Video by West, Christopher
What is Christian purity? More than likely, it is not what you think. Purity is not puritanism. Nor is it prudishness. These approaches to the body and sexuality actually flow from impurity. Christian purity is the ability to see the mystery of God revealed through the body and sexuality. As the Catechism says, purity of heart “enables us to see according to God...; it lets us perceive the human b... read more

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Set Free to Love: Lives Changed By The Theology Of The Body
by Lelejune, Marcel
Discover the theology of the body-your life will never be the same.About this Book:Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body was a revolution, changing how we understand ourselves, our bodies, and our sexuality. But what difference does that make in real life? Marcel LeJeune decided to find out.This book tells the stories of everyday Catholics whose lives were transformed by the theology of the bod... read more

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Real Love: Answers to Your Questions on Dating, Marriage and the Real Meaning of Sex
Book by Bonacci, Mary Beth
Honest, Catholic answers to real questions from teenagers about love and sex including;

“Is premarital sex a really bad sin?”
“If the Church really loves gay people, why don’t we want them to find love and be happy?”
“What’s the difference between love and infatuation?”
“How about trashy romance novels? Do they lower your chastity?”
“What’s the matter with my boyfriend and m... read more

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The Thrill of the Chaste

Pure Attraction: a Guide to Human Sexuality

Religious Liberty and Contraception

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What The Church Teaches About Sex
by Fastiggi, Robert L.

Featured in Fidelity
Despite the outcome of a world wounded by sexual exploitation and addiction, there is room for hope through the reasonableness and goodness of Catholic sexual morality.
Beginning with a thorough survey of the Church’s historic attitude toward human sexuality, author Robert Fastiggi proceeds to discuss contemporary hot buttons of sexuality: including pornography, h... read more

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