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The Consuming Fire
by Duggan, Rev Michael

"When we read the Hebrew Bible, we listen to a conversation that lasted more than a millennium.... The biblical conversation centers on essential themes of God's revelation and the community's response.... Each book sometimes each part of a book has its own voice. Just as a good listener respects the uniqueness of each speaker, so the good reader of the Bible discerns the unique contribution ... read more

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Exposition of the Seven Penitential Psalms
Book by St John Fisher
In the morning of June 22, 1535, John Fisher, chancellor of Cambridge University, bishop of Rochester, cardinal of the Catholic Church, was beheaded on Tower Hill in London. At the time, he was considered one of the most holy and learned prelates in all of Christendom and was a great source of inspiration and strength for fellow martyr St. Thomas More, the scholar and statesman who followed Fisher... read more

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Doctrines of Genesis 1 - 11
by Warkulwiz, Victor
Today the Catholic Church has well-developed theologies of redemption and sanctification but no well-developed theology of creation. That is because so many of her influential thinkers have abandoned the sound creation theology of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church and have embraced instead the false principles of evolutionism. The purpose of this book is to help restore traditional Catholic th... read more

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Jesus of Nazareth III: The Infancy Narratives (large print)

The Book of Books: The Old Testament Retold

Simon Called Peter



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