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The Blood and the Shroud
Book by Wilson, Ian
Ian Wilson's well-written and intelligent book gives a balanced view of evidence for and against the Shroud of Turin's authenticity (including new finds such as the presence of human blood and DNA on the Shroud), and along the way, provides a fascinating discussion of subjects ranging from capital punishment in first-century Palestine to the chemistry of radiocarbon dating. For Wilson, the Shroud'... read more

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Special Creation Rediscovered
by Keane, Gerard J
What should Catholic adults and children be taught
about creation or evolution? At issue is not only science but the
spiritual realm which transcends matter. Learn why the Catholic concept of
Special Creation is so important to the vitality of Catholicism and why
both Theistic Evolution and Progressive Creation are mistaken concepts.
Author Gerard Keane... read more

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The Stigmata And Modern Science
by Carty, Fr C
The Stigmata and Modern Science. Fascinating accounts of a much misunderstood reality, describing well-known and well documented cases: St. Francis of Assisi, Padre Pio, Therese Neumann, etc. A scientific and theological examination.... read more

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Animal Kingdom: The Wonders of God's Creation

Holy Shroud

Who Designed the Designer? A Rediscovered Path To God's Existence

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Holy Shroud: Science Confronts
by Volckringer, Jean
Scientists have studied the Holy Shroud of Turin for the last hundred years since the faint brown image on it was first photographed in 1898. This revealed minute details not visible to the naked eye.
The photos showed, in amazing and accurate anatomical detail, the body of a scourged and crucified man laid out in death. The cloth also bears human bloodstains which have seeped from wounds on a ... read more

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