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Signature in the Cell
by Meyer, Stephen C.
"A Compelling Case for Intelligent Design Based on Revolutionary Discoveries in Science
In "Signature in the Cell," Stephen Meyer has written the first comprehensive DNA-based argument for intelligent design. As he tells the story of successive attempts to unravel a mystery that Charles Darwin did not address--how did life begin?--Meyer develops the case for this often-misunderstood theory ... read more

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Evolution: Fact or Belief?
VHS Video by Wilders, Peter
At Last- an authoritative scientific response to the theory which is wubverting Christianity throughout the world.No member of society can claim to have escaped the influence of the Evolution theory. It is an act of true freedom and an expression of our intelligence to examine the scientific reasons for rejecting the myth that has been foisted on us all. ... read more

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Animal Kingdom: The Wonders of God's Creation
VHS Video by No Author
Take an incredible journey through the animal kingdom. Delight in the amazing signature of God found in every pond, field and wilderness.... read more

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The Stigmata And Modern Science

Holy Shroud: Science Confronts

Science and Evidence for Design in the Universe



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